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Dr. Paul G. Stern

Dr. Stern received a Master’s Degree in electronic engineering from the Steven’s Institute of Technology, and a Ph.D in solid state physics from the University of Manchester in the UK. He served as Chairman and CEO of Northern Telecom (now known as Nortel Networks), as President and COO of Unisys, and as director of the ManTech International Corporation, among numerous other accomplishments.

Currently Dr. Stern is the director for the Dow Chemical Company, as well as for the National Symphony Orchestra. He is a trustee for the Hudson Institute and the Library of Congress. He is on the Board of the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, and also serves on the Board for the Whirlpool Corporation.

Dr. Stern has served on other fifteen corporate Boards. He is a member of the US Council on Foreign Relations and the Gore 2000 group. A father of three children and fluent in German and Spanish, Dr. Stern will bring valuable skills to ECG’s efforts around the globe, and a perspective grounded in his wide and varied experience.