Earth Council Geneva supports Earth Council Italia' initiative as an accredited member of the UNP

Created: Thursday, 15 October 2015 10:17



On Friday October 2nd 2015, at Auditorium Scampia, Earth Council Italia presented the international preview of the project "From unsustainable disasters to sustainable development", which aims to gather signatures in support of the proposal to introduce environmental education into academic programs. More education means more nature. Preparing young people to learn about the territory andhaving more sensitivity to the environment means beginning to address those problems that now affect the entire planet and which are no longer just sensational documentaries.

Killer storms, ice-bombs, landslides of impressive proportions that change deeply the original condition of the premises are unfortunately, events to which we are assisting with driving frequency.

Not only these phenomena indicate a worrying change. Others, such the disappearance of some species and the appearance of others, in addition to the rampant spread of diseases, which are often irreversible, due to the contamination of the food chain, have little or no space at all in the news even when the alarm comes from the most accredited scientific community.

The cultural association "Dapaumpa", with the decisive participation of the RR Sound and the a collaboration of District VIII, in particular the President, lawyer Angelo Pisani and director Luciano Acciavatti, organized in a symbolic place of Naples, the Auditorium Scampia, a show that brought together two important experiences: a concert of Radiska - young artists of Scampia who from an early age chose music against all forms of degradation, and one of the accredited international organizations that has been engaged for years on issues related to protection of the environment, as Earth Council Italy, Earth Council Geneva and, above all, the Betsy Gordon Foundation.

Scampia, capital of waste and largest square to sell drugs in Europe, this Land of Fires is the only negative and widespread image of a city and a community that, on the contrary, is known worldwide for its arts -the music in particular- and its culture. Naples wants to recover its most qualified identity, and it launches a major international proposal so that, through education, the awareness that the Earth is our home increase.

The show was hosted by another prestigious name in the symbol of the Neapolitan culture in the world: Fabrizio Fierro.