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EARTH COUNCIL GENEVA responds with INTERNATIONAL MEDICAL CORPS to the needs of the NEPAL earthquake


Earth Council Geneva is responding to the Nepal earthquake by supporting International Medical Corps to provide emergency care to survivors with lifesaving medical supplies and care. 

Two days after the massive earthquake rocked Nepal, International Medical Corps First Responders were on the ground in the hard-hit Gorkha district, at the epicenter of the quake, delivering urgently needed health care and distributing lifesaving supplies. 

In Kathmandu, International Medical Corps teams visited overwhelmed hospitals and a displaced persons camp, the largest in town, with roughly 5,000 people. No shelter is available and water and sanitation systems are very limited. Roads are destroyed and blocked, making some communities accessible only by foot – at times, a 2 hour trek over harrowing terrain. The potential for outbreaks of waterborne illnesses and other communicable diseases is very high, and deteriorating weather conditions, including cold temperatures, rain and thunderstorms will only exacerbate already difficult conditions. 

Earth Council Geneva, in line with many previous engagements, supports the efforts through International Medical Corps to provide clean water with the mobile medical units for people in need to prevent disease.