Earth Council Geneva helping Phillipine victims

EARTH COUNCIL GENEVA is helping to provide fresh water to needy people in the Philippines through our partner, IMC.

IMC has sent an Emergency Response Team, with medical staff and water and sanitation experts, to the remote island of Guiuan.  They were met by hundreds of people waiting for food, water, and medical care. The devastation is extensive.

IMC doctors started treating patients as soon as they stepped off the airplane, treating people lining the tarmac waiting for assistance at the airport. They treated infected cuts and injuries caused by flying debris.  The team is already reporting cases of diarrheal disease due to a lack of clean water, and expect to see an increase in dengue fever, tetanus and measles as well.

The team is making their way to villages on the island where no one has yet sent help, in order to tend to the sick and injured. They will drive as far as then can and then walk.