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Dr. Giovanni Eduardo Picone

Giovanni Eduardo PICONE comes from an impressive background, having graduated from the University of Naples with a Degree in Law, and having practiced as an attorney since 1986, as well as being admitted to the ranks of Special Attorneys in 2004.Signor PICONE is listed in the National Register of Journalists, and has worked with major newspapers such as Il Popolo, Il Corriere dello Sport, and Il Matino.

He has for many years been the legal representative of the American firms TESCF and FOJF, which, focusing primarily on human rights and humanitarian activities, provide some insight to Signor PICONE’S essential character and interests.

In addition to being an attorney Signor PICONE has also authored several books on a variety of topics, including, art, history and fashion.He is a member of the Environmental Commission, has performed liaison activities between financial firms and housing authorities, and has been a member of the Commission of Cultural Initiatives of the Council Bar of Naples since 2008.

Signor PICONE has also been the President of Earth Council Italia since 2006, and brings a wealth of experience and a well-grounded perspective to the Earth Council Board.He will be a valuable addition, and a very welcome asset to Earth Council Geneva.