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The worst drought in a generation is causing widespread food insecurity, crop shortages, and famine in an already unstable region. 
Officials report that more than 12 million across the region are affected and hundreds are fleeing each day over the Somali border en route to overcrowded refugee camps in neighboring countries including Ethiopia and Kenya - many are dying along the way. Host communities in Ethiopia and Kenya are struggling with lack of water, failed crops, and high malnutrition rates as well. International Medical Corps teams on the ground in Kenya, Ethiopia and Somalia, are working rapidly to scale up existing nutritional programs throughout the country and provide humanitarian relief.

Nancy Aossey, CEO of IMC said, "With the EARTH COUNCIL'S support, we will work to bring clean water to vulnerable children affected by this terrible drought."

The Earth Council has excellent experience working with the International Medical Corps, providing funds for clean water to children. Nancy Aossey has expressed the gratitude of our commitment to her organization.


Project Title:  

Bringing rapid relief to Haiti





Delivering lifesaving medical care

Beneficiaries:   The people of Haiti

Project Title:   Improving sanitation and hygiene in South Lebanon



Al Sekeh, Jabal al Haleeb, Bostan al Quds, and Baraksat, Lebanon


help create a healthier and more hygienic environment for over 5,000 people in four communities

Beneficiaries:   5000 People

Project Title:   Improving Water and Sanitation in Samburu


Location:   Baragoi and Parikati, Samburu District, Rift Valley Province, Kenya
Duration:    6 months
Goal:   To create safe and healthy learning environments for children in Kenya by improving access to safe water at targeted schools
Beneficiaries:   754 students directly; teachers and families indirectly