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Responding to devastating floods in Pakistan


Monsoon floods in Pakistan in the latter half of 2010 affected more than 20 million people and damaged more than 1.7 million houses. With the support of Earth Council and other donors, International Medical Corps began deploying emergency health teams to KPK Province, and later to Punjab and Sindh Provinces as the floods moved southward. Currently, International Medical Corps is supporting more than 80 health facilities and mobile medical teams. To date, International Medical Corps has provided more than 770,000 patient consultations and health education to more than 680,000 people. Another 17,000 people have received psychosocial support, such as livelihood training and art competitions including drawing and painting. International Medical Corps psychosocial teams visited special education institutions where they worked with teachers by introducing techniques for engaging children suffering from post-traumatic stress as a result of the floods. International Medical Corps is also providing nutritional services, gynecological and obstetric care, rehabilitating health facilities, and distributing hygiene kits and jerry cans for water.