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Mumbai. The financial hub in India has over 12 Million people. A city racing against the Covid infection. A city engulfed in a “Red Zone”.

Although India is the world's largest food basket, the total population of almost 1.4 billion faces a tremendous challenge distributing what it grows.

Many of Mumbai 's informal workers, who represent the backbone of the city's food distribution system, have returned to their villages.

The hundreds of thousands forced to stay behind have lost their sources of daily income and are now trying to stretch their very small savings to find food to survive. The reality is that, in many cases, Mumbai's inhabitants fear death by hunger more than Covid.

The Earth Council Geneva has been working with a network of trusted people who can ensure food delivery to the needy. Funds are currently being deployed.

Reto Braun, Chairman of the Earth Council, said: "A modest contribution to one of the most terrible situations in today's Covid world."