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IMC - IBM - Dow Chemical

In partnership with IMC, IBM and Dow Chemical we continue to invest in providing access to clean water throughout the country, including in Wolayita and the surrounding areas.  The UN’s Global Humanitarian Overview anticipates that in 2017, 5.6 million people will require food assistance; 1.2 million children  and mothers will require nutrition support; 2.4 million people will need livestock support; and some 9.2 million people will still be without safe drinking water across the country.

With the ongoing drought in the region, our teams have continued to address critical shortages of drinking water, along with deteriorating sanitation and hygiene conditions. 

Over the last six months, International Medical Corps teams in Wolayita and surrounding areas have:

  • Cleaned and rehabilitated 43 shallows wells and hand-dug wells, and installed hand pumps and generators, directly benefitting some 3,500 people.
  • Trucked water to kebeles critically affected by the drought and launched broad hygiene education programs to help keep families safe – benefitting 28,848 men, women and children – using radio and outreach campaigns, direct training, and the broad distribtuion of education materials
  • Continued critically-needed programs that help prevent and address malnutrition, especially in the face of ongoing food insecurity caused by drought – including the management of severe acute malnutrition of children under 5.  Over the last several months, we’ve treated 776 children, 98% of whom fully recovered.