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Syrian Project Aids Refugees

Dear Friends,

The Earth Council Geneva is well and alive… thank you for your support!  TOGETHER WE SAVE LIVES. 

This is a report of one of the many projects we have with our partner International Medical Corps (IMC). It is a good example of how Earth Council Foundation funds are well and spent and carefully monitored. 

IMC is an excellent partner organization with over 4,750 people (mostly volunteers).  Over 90 cents of each dollar donated go directly to help the people in need.  More on (

The project is in line with the strategy the Earth Council Board has established: Hygiene with focus on water management for needy children.

During the past 10 years, hundreds of lives have been saved through the efforts and the participation of the Earth Council Geneva, a not insignificant accomplishment. 

I hope to see you in the not too distant future.


Chairman Earth Council Geneva

Reto Braun

Project Summary - Over the last year, the influx of Syrian refugees has put increasing pressure on tented settlements in the Bekaa Valley and the North of Lebanon, which have little to no humanitarian support. These settlements lack adequate access to basic needs such as health care, clean water, food, and sanitation. The most common diseases faced by the Syrian refugees in these tented settlements are exacerbated by lack of water and soap, poor environmental conditions, high population densities combined with a lack of hygiene knowledge, and few resources to treat the diseases. International Medical Corps staff have been heavily involved in the emergency response in the area, and are providing support to the health facilities serving the population, distributing hygiene kits to families, and providing mental health screening, psychosocial support, and consultations.

With quick and generous support from Earth Council Geneva, International Medical Corps responded to improve the situation through the procurement and distribution of hygiene kits and materials, along with health education, which benefitted nearly 9,000 Syrian refugee children and families.