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Earth Council Geneva funds new IMC Lebanon Project


Earth Council Geneva has generously funded the International Medical Corps,which will enable them to implement a new project.  This endeavor will create a healthier and more hygienic environment in the El Buss Palestinian camp, as well as  among its students and teachers. This location and intervention is based on the experience gained from implementing the previous hygiene and sanitation project in Bourj el Shemali, in addition to meetings with the camp popular committees, the UNRWA schools, a water and sanitation expert at UNRWA and a water and sanitation specialist at PARD (Popular Aid for Relief and Development). This project is designed to improve the hygiene and sanitation conditions of two schools (each with primary and intermediate capacities) and use the rehabilitation of the facilities as a platform for awareness-raising on improved hygiene and waste management practices.

International Medical Corps will improve upon four existing sanitary facilities by installing water filtration systems in two primary and intermediate schools to provide access to clean and safe drinking water. Additionally, International Medical Corps will provide ToT training to teachers in the schools with the intent of passing on further hygiene and sanitation knowledge to the students through awareness sessions throughout not only this year, but years to come. Lastly, to complement the hygiene awareness, small hygiene kits containing essential personal hygiene items will be provided to the students.

This will be a significant advancement for this camp, and gratitude is extended to ECG for its continued support.