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Donations Thank You

Thank you!

We would like to send our sincere thanks for your most generous gift. Every thought, every gesture, every euro, dollar, yen, or pound sterling helps tremendously to move our world closer to where we want it to be; a place environmentally sound, economically vibrant, and where all people can live together peacefully. Thank you from all of us at Earth Council Geneva.

Earth Council Geneva is committed to projects that bring real change to people in need, sometimes desperate need.  We have brought together some remarkable individuals on our Board who selflessly contribute their time and energy.  We can use their collective experience, and their extensive network of contacts around the world, to identify where help is most needed.  We can partner with organizations like the International Medical Corps to put hearts and hands to the work on the ground, bringing tangible relief to those who need it most.

Your help is absolutely critical to this collective effort.  We need resources to move these ideas forward, and your financial contribution can make that happen.  Please give what you can.  Every gift helps immeasurably.  Thank you for being a vital part of our efforts.